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DENBA's Patent


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DENBA Technology

What is DENBA ?

DENBA+ is  the food freshness preserving system by the technology that  providing  viberation same as water, and creating  static waves. With the  activation of food cells, food can be  preserved fresh, bacteriostatic, and almost with out loss.


 Food cell activation with the unique airspace static technology.

High quality food freshness maintain at atomic level.

Two point of DENBA technology

As the previous high-voltage freshness maintain technology  have to set stainless board in the refrigerating storage to make sure the high-voltage is full of the space, supplementary installment fee will be high. Our device can have effect on the whole space,so the investment can be kept at low level.


       01   Simple and Economical

When compare to similar products, our product is much smaller and cheaper compare to the large refrigerators or freezers.


       02   Compact and Occupy Little Space

Certificated by PSE Mandatory Conformity Assessment

Safely  use  due to the low voltage and low frequency. Certificated by PSE Mandatory Conformity Assessment.



       03   Safety Design

Electrical Appliances Safety Standard ○ We have acquired PSE certification.

3WAY for keeping freshness, freezing, and thawing We aim for zero food loss!

  3 ways of keeping freshness, freezing, and thawing.

  Refrigerator, container, unit installation, etc.

   It can respond to your needs!

 DENBA+ Three points

Patent Technology

Adhering to the "green goods" concept, we develop the technology to create value for customers. Insist on high quality and customer trust, to maintain the world-leading position of food preservation  and improve the technology. ..development strength.development strength.

Safe . Ensured

Awarded with the Japanese electrical appliances Safety Act certification"PSE". Without relying on checmical and other food additives, keeping food fresh with its own vitality.  Aiming to market globally, we pursuefor better  food safety everyday.


Customer Satisfaction

Fully implement user feedbacks, and strive for customer satisfaction. Utilizing the latest technology, improve customer satisfaction, and aim to provide higher quality products to customers.

With DENBA technology, it was possible to deliver ingredients that kept freshness regardless of time and distance.


Coldchain utilizing DENBA, change the world

Freshness preservation revolution to the next generation.

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3WAY for keeping freshness, freezing, and thawing We aim for zero food loss!
3WAY for keeping freshness, freezing, and thawing We aim for zero food loss!
3WAY for keeping freshness, freezing, and thawing We aim for zero food loss!