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Liquid fertilizer

What is the Fuji Koso? (Liquid fertilizer)

Fujikoso is Liquid fertilizer


The purpose for using Fujikoso is to encourage  grow and increase to harvest good products.

Analysis report by Nihon Shokuhin analysis center.Certification report (Titratable acidity:20 pH3.5)

Liquid fertilizer has the function of MSDSM. The main effect is antibacteria,decorizer,reduction,penetration,peeling off and dissolution. The fertilizer will not change from vinegar to others.

The wide range case study for Fujikoso(Liquid fertilizer)


⑴Flower and  crops


Spraying flowers and crops

has  good effect for growth and promoting. Increase harvest and improve the taste texture.



Encourage the reduce of agricultural chemicals. improve the health hazard.

Contribute to significant cost reduce



⑵Livestock products



Suitable for live stocks to drink.

 Promoting effect of  fattening.

 Prevention of summer fatigue.

 Reduction of fettering period.

 Improve the taste and texture.

 Improve of revenue


Improvement of animal husbandry environment

Lethality rate improvement

Improve quality of compost

Improve of revenue


⑶Aquaculture products


Activation of fish farm.

Lethality rate improvement.

Increase quantity to catch.

 Improve the taste and texture.

 Improve of revenue


Reduction of drugs used. Reduction of sewage sludge. Longevity of fish farm.

Improve of revenue.


⑷Soil improvers


Repair of contaminated soil

Activate the soil

Reduction to organic soil

Improve productivity

Efficiency improvement of agriculture and fertilizer

Reduction of soil contamination

Reduction of health damage

Improvement of working environment

Improve of revenue


⑸ Fermentation decomposition accelerator


 The rice hull is soaked in Fujikoso liquid for few days.

Using fermentation work make molecular bond be weaken.

Promote liquefaction.

Supplementary functions for fertilizer

Reduction of Blended feed for poultry farming for environment protection

Improve of revenue


⑹ Environmental purification and deodorant cleaner



Add vegetable neutral detergent into Fujikoso

Diluted Fujikoso is suitable depends on usage.


Add  moderate amount of  FujiKoso into Detergent or soap improves purification deodorizing power.