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 Installation Examples

Food Processing Factory, X Supermarket

DENBA+ greatly increased the blood and fluid retention during the defrosting process. Cutting down defrosting time and keeping the colour of the meat the same throughout. Keeping the meat fresh and its environment clean.

Taiwan, Fishing Boat

As of now, the fuel for Fast freezing equipment on fishing boats need to be solved. DENBA freshness preservation system can increase the temperature by 10-15 degrees. Reducing cost, preserving freshness and results similar to fast freezing.


Taiwan Large Water Purifying Company

Over 40% of purified water used in the Taiwan Seafood industry exported to China using DENBA+ received positive reviews from its customers. Using DENBA+ technology, Taiwan plans to export its seafood to the world.


China, QingDao Meat Processing Factory

As of now, 40% of all imported meat will produce large amounts of blood and water when defrosted. One factory worker said “Through learning about DENBA+ technology and implementing DENBA+ technology in our factory, we have successfully eliminated this problem, it was a shock to everyone. We can now give our customers that is less processed and fresh. We are grateful for DENBA+”


Food Processing Factory, X Japanese Supermarket

Due to its small size, sardines when frozen become hard and required 24hrs to defrost. Using DENBA+, the defrosting time has been reduced by 9 hrs, decreasing labor cost, increasing freshness of the product.


Taiwan, X Supermarket

As of late, regular problems surrounding the defrosting process have been progressively getting worse, especially during the summer time where food produce are more prone to rotting and mold. Since installing DENBA+ freshness of the produce have been exponentially on the rise, reducing the rotting problem.


Fishing Boat

All fish stored in the refrigerator on the fishing boat will produce 30% of waste and in the summer it can reach to 50%. This has been a constant problem in the fishing industry. DENBA+ technology can be easily installed into the center of the boat, through testing it has successfully reduced waste.


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