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Notice of the Establishment of A Joint Venture with China Supply and Marketing Group Ningbo Ocean Economic Development Co., Ltd

 DENBA Co., Ltd. and China Co-op Group( Ningbo) Ocean Economic Development Co., Ltd. recently agreed to establish a joint venture, mainly for the purpose of providing fresh ingredients and developing a freshness preservation management service to each base of the China Co-op Group.


Joint Venture Company Name: NingBo Co-op Denba Co., Ltd.


Target: To provide DENBA freshness preservation management service to the bases of the China Co-op Group all over China. We also aim to procure ingredients from all over the world and sell high quality products in China.


China Co-op Group

 It is the largest union organization in China, whose main business is selling agricultural products and purchasing production and household materials. It has 160 million farm households as employees (union members). With a total number of employees of 3.4 million, various corporate companies of 49,000, and management bases of 1.31 million, the total assets reached 1.38 trillion yuan (about 22.5 trillion yen),and 169,000 farmer-only cooperative companies were established. The entrusted management area of the land reaches 100 million ridges (about 6.67 million hectares). The system consists of five levels of supply and marketing cooperatives from the national level to the township level, supply and marketing cooperative company, directly affiliated institutions, associations managed or established by cooperatives and funded farmer-only cooperative companies.