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Notice of Business Alliance with Minaminihon Total Logistics Service Co.,Ltd

DENBA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kanetaka Goto, hereinafter “DENBA”) and Minaminihon Total Logistics Service Co.,Ltd (Headquarters: Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keiichiro Ozono, hereinafter Minaminihon Total Logistics Service) have entered into a business alliance with the aim of creating a next-generation cold chain that delivers fresh food to domestic and overseas while maintaining freshness by utilizing the DENBA+ system. Through this cold chain, we will expand the overseas sales channels of Japanese products and support producers. At the same time, by making the best use of food ingredients, social problems such as food loss and CO2 emissions will also be improved.

Next-generation cold chain: This is a new logistics method that is attracting attention now since it can store and transport fresh food while maintaining the freshness very well. With this method, we can expect to expand the global market for domestic products. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly logistics that eliminates food loss and realizes CO2 reduction with improved loading efficiency.


DENBA+ system: With DENBA's patented technology, fresh food can be kept in a non-freezing storage in the minus temperature zone, and the water content of the food will not be completely frozen. The resonance of water can activate water molecules, creating an optimal environment for maintaining the freshness of each product. In addition to maintaining the freshness of food, DENBA+ also has the following features.

・Antibacterial effect: Create an environment that is not easy for bacteria to multiply

・Food loss: proper preservation method reduces the loss and waste of food ingredients

・High quality freezing/thawing: Freeze and thaw without destroying food cells

・No loss time: Easier to process and prepare after delivery


Start of next-generation cold chain demonstration test

Minaminihon Total Logistics Service will conduct a "next generation cold chain demonstration test" at the Sano Chilled Frozen Logistics Center (Sano, Tochigi, completed in November 2019). We will analyze the optimum condition of freshness preservation for each ingredient, from meat to fruit. Establish a "freshness maintenance model".


Establishment of operating company

The two companies will establish a joint venture in the future to start providing fresh food supply chain solution services.


Minaminihon Total Logistics Service Co., Ltd.:

Founded in 1975, as a chilled and frozen food transportation expert, the management philosophy is to "deliver food in the most delicious state" to customers' dining tables. Aim to establish a rich food culture by conducting business development in all distribution processes such as storage, transportation, and cargo handling. Through this business tie-up, we will operate a shipping container equipped with DENBA+ and deliver domestically produced foods to the world in delicious state.