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Notice of the Launch of New Product DENBA GREEN

We are pleased to announce the launch of "DENBA GREEN", which is utilizing our unique water molecule resonance technology.

It contributes to the promotion of plant growth, suppression of pest damage, improvement of product quality, and realization of sustainable agricultural development.

"DENBA GREEN" is based on our unique technology. The electric field is formed by a single pole, and the output part is a wiring type with a new shape which is completely waterproof and easy to install. The output part is light and the machine is suitable for large spaces, which can reduce introduction costs.

It can be installed in places where were not possible until now, and can exhibit a wide range of functions. It will bring great effects to greenhouse cultivation, fields, hydroponic cultivation, etc., and will have an impact on sustainable and recycling-based agriculture.

■ Product overview

Product Name: DENBA GREEN

Retrofit support overview: agricultural, refrigerator, etc.

Target: For Commercial