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Notice of Empirical Paper on Drastic Reduction of "Sleep Disorder" Using DENBA Health

Recently, a study on improvement of sleep disorders using DENBA Health verified the efficacy. The joint research and study was conducted at the Beijing Institute of Geriatrics, National Hygiene Commission.

  The study selected 81 people with sleep disorders as a sample, of which 40 were men and 41 were women, with an average age of 63 years. The main causes of sleep disorders are poor sleep quality, short sleep duration, low depth, frequent waking up during sleep, and dozing off all day. In severe cases, it can cause chronic diseases such as dementia and anxiety. In this study, we used a random comparison method and found that after the intervention of DENBA electric field technology, the patient's sleep quality has been significantly improved. Specifically, the patient's frequency of insomnia, waking up at night, and felt drowsy during the day has decreased. 

  The sleep therapy market is further expanding, and surveys show that Japan alone has a 3 trillion yen market. We will use DENBA's expertise in improving sleep quality to further accelerate research on improving health and expand it from Japan to Asia and the world.