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Notice of Starting Leasing and Selling Ultra-freezing Container Below -70 ℃ that Compatible with Coronavirus Vaccine

 We are about to start leasing and selling ultra-refrigerated containers that can be used to transport and store the new coronavirus vaccines manufactured by Pfizer at -70°C. 10 20ft containers will be introduced for lease and will be provided to local governments, logistics companies and medical institutions. As soon as the container arrives, we will hold briefing sessions for local governments, logistics companies and medical institutions. (*Scheduled for Utsunomiya, Ichikawa, and Osaka)

 The container to be provided is equipped with an interior light, safety device (exit, etc.) and a remote monitoring system as standard equipment, giving consideration to logistics companies and medical staff when moving vaccines from the inside of the container.There are two sizes of containers, 10ft and 20ft. For 20ft containers, rental service will start at the end of February. The business alliance between TITAN CONTAINER, the world's leading container rental company, and China International Marine Containers Co., Ltd. (CIMC), the world's largest container manufacturer, has made it possible to provide the product to Japan at an early stage. Vaccination will start in mid-February, so we expect that if there are ultra-freezing containers that can transport and store vaccines, we will be able to respond quickly and efficiently when vaccination begins in earnest.

 DENBA JAPAN has begun to propose the use of ultra-freezing containers to local governments, and plans to expand to more regions in the future.