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Announcement of the acquisition on "Innovation Endorsement" for product / solution certification issued by ClassNK(Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)

ClassNK , a Third-party General Incorporated Foundation have issued an  "Innovation Endorsement " of product/solution for  "DENBAMarine ", a device which can support food freshness preservation for ships, as a product of technological innovation.


The certification of ClassNK is only issued to products/systems which utilizing advanced technologies. 


DENBA technology activates the water molecules inside the cells of food. The mechanism is 

resonating the water molecules to make cells inside food activated. As a result of activating

the food cells, lower growth speed of bacteria and a longer fresh keeping period become possible.


In recent years, with the improvement of the welfare of seafarers stipulated in ILO(International Labor Organization) and MLC2006(2006 Maritime Safety Labor Convention), more concerns have been paid for the provision of balanced meals and proper freshness management system for Ships. As a solution to these concerns, DENBA JAPAN presents a new product  "DENBA Marine "for ships, which is upgraded on the base of  " DENBA  " preservation system.


Ships that have introduced DENBA⁺  Marine (installed in their chamber room which is refrigerate or froze )  will be able to provide fresh vegetables for crews in a longer period of time during their voyage on the sea. Since we start the Marine business in 2021, we have gained a large number of users, including ship-owners, shipping companies and ship-management companies.


DENBA JAPAN will keep making effort to expand sales and enrich the lineup of product. 

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