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A joint research with Anicom Group and Flowens Corporation about maintaining pets' health has been started


We hereby report an agreement with Anicom Insurance,Inc(President: Shingo Noda),a company which has the No.1* pet insurance market share , Anicom Advanced Medical Research Institute, Inc. (President: Kosuke Kawamoto), and Flowens Corporation (Representative Director: Ryosuke Ishida) conducting a joint research to verify the promotion of growth and healing of pets in "DENBA environment", by using the "DENBA technology" which resonates and activates water molecules.


※Market share is calculated based on the number of contracts in 2021 for each company. (Research for "2022 Pet-Related Market Marketing Overview" published by Fuji Keizai, Inc


DENBA technology used in food preservation and healthcare to be applied to pet health maintenance


It is important for people and pets to coexist in harmony to maintain the health of pets so that they can grow healthily and recover quickly in the event of injury or illness. Among the various factors involved in the growth of pets and the healing of injuries and illnesses, the possibility of applying "DENBA technology" to mechanisms such as regulating blood flow and autonomic nerves is well considered reference to the past researches in the field of human body. Anicom Group, DENBA JAPAN, and Flowens will conduct joint research on the promotion of pet growth and healing of injuries and illness in the DENBA environment, helping pets maintain healthier. Also, the joint research aims to elucidate the mechanism and acquire intellectual property obtained through this joint research.


About Anicom Group

The Anicom Group aims to support the happy lives of pets and people through group-wide efforts, with the “Anicom Pet Insurance” which provides "peace of mind" to pets and owners.


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About Flowens Corporation

Flowens Crporation is an up-and-coming breeder that nurtures many animals in the rich natural environment in Chiba, under the slogan of "The Science makes Happiness for Animals.”       



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